Corporate law

Corporate law

Company creation

The firm emphasises the right form of organisation, the drafting of articles of association, and the necessary procedures to the register the company.


The firm emphasises the process of restructuring companies, in order to sell or to transfer a company, or its shares (spliting of stocks, partial business transfer, location gerance implementation. Etc.), or in order to better manage, or lighten the structure ( merger, contribution, patrimony transfer).

Company transfer

From the first contact the Law Firm will act competently and diligently in the transfer operation. We asses the technicalities of the financing operations (financing, target analysis, tax optimization, search for financing etc.)

We can advise on the acquisition audit: contracts review, review of legal documents reflecting legal obligations.

We draw up all necessary operational contracts: declaration of intent and acquisition protocol writing, warranties ,division of companies and minutes of official procedures. In case of a stock in trade or customer acquisition we will draft documents verifying accrucy and insuring segregation of funds to protect purchaser rights.

Shareholders’ personal asset changes

With the passing of time, shareholder interests change, sometimes leading to conflicts regarding the future of the company. We usually act to assist parties, to find common ground which will preserve the rights of shareholder as well as the company’s.

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