Employment law

Employment law

People are the main source of a company’s power, but it is also a source of weakness. This fact leads our Firm approach to employment law.

This is also why du Manoir de Juaye Law Firm advises big companies as well as smaller ones, and their employees.

For advice and litigation, the du Manoir de Juaye Law Firm deals with the following matters:

  • employment contracts, such as construction site contracts (France and foreign countries), new employment contracts , etc.
  • Particular clauses from employment contracts:
    • non competition clauses
    • confidentiality clauses
    • loyalty clauses
    • exclusivity clauses
    • territorial mobility clauses
    • penalty clauses
    • employer’s patents
    • conventional compensation in cases of termination.
  • Copyright, and employer’s patents
  • Serious offenses, real and serious cause, or economical firing.
  • Disciplinary measures: warning, final warning, probation, resignation employer representation.
  • Collective Bargaining agreements.


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